What is a Website Builder and How Does it Work?

What is a website builder and how does it work

Do you know that over half of consumers turn to digital media to make a purchase decision? This massive online shift marks the importance of online presence for every business and emphasizes the need for a website more than ever.

Although a website is a crucial part of every business, website creation is challenging. Besides having coding skills, it also requires awareness of multiple integration tools and many other technical skills.

The hassle of creating a website from scratch comes to an end with website builders which make web creation accessible to anyone. From coding to easy-to-use platforms, the transformation marks a commendable journey in the digital landscape.

What is a website builder?

What is a website builder

Over 28% of small businesses don’t own a website but luckily 32% of local businesses own a website made by easy-to-use website builders. A web page builder is a tool that helps you create and design a website from scratch or templates and that too, without any piece of code. A site builder is integrated with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to pick any element and drag it to the virtual canvas.

This ‘literal’ drag & drop allows you to create a website of your choice that you can further personalize according to your business needs and brand’s unique identity. You can pick from a vast collection of professionally designed, ready-to-use templates for seamless customization.

A website builder specifically caters to small businesses who are trying to establish an online presence but don’t want to hire the expensive services of a website developer to create a website through code. When creating a website with a site builder, you have to ensure that it resonates with your brand’s vision and effortlessly connects with the audience.

Online vs. offline website builder

Offline website builder

As the name indicates, you don’t have to be online to use it, rather you download the offline website builder software to create a website of your choice. After installing the software, you can design the website the way you want and once it is ready, all you need to do is to connect it with web hosting. If you are running a small business but don’t want to depend on the internet connection for developing a website, you may find an offline website builder as a savior.

Although offline builder is available to use anytime on your computer, it takes time to master it. You have to have some basic technical skills before diving into the website development experience with an offline site builder. Since a website builder requires you to upload files to the web host, having some technical know-how can bring some time-saving advantages.

Online website builder

Online website builder

Online website builder takes your website design to the next level by offering its on-screen and interactive interface that can be accessed from your browser. This builder runs through an internet connection and allows you to create a website online without the need to download any software. An online builder comes with multiple options of industry-specific templates to choose from according to your business preferences and does not require coding knowledge to master it.

Online website creatos has fewer features and functions as compared to its offline counterpart but its convenient-to-use interface and ease of customization make it a preferred choice for many small businesses.

How does a website builder work?

How does a website builder work

When we say that you don’t have to be a coding pro or a technical expert when creating a website with a site builder, we mean it!

Building a functioning website with a website builder is seamless and only takes a few minutes to complete the entire website building setup. Once you have chosen the website builder of your choice, you are just a few steps away from building a website.

  • Start from scratch but if you don’t know coding, you may choose any template from the vast library of pre-designed templates. These templates are usually designed to fit every business niche so you can find multiple options according to the type of website that you want to create.
  • The website builder comes with the functionality of drag & drop editor which lets you simply pick the element and drag it to a specific area. You can also upload new elements and widgets to enhance the website’s design and functionality.
  • The next step is personalization which lets you upload logos and images of your choice. This step enables you to create a website that uniquely represents the theme and identity of your business. You can effortlessly customize elements such as content alignment, menus, buttons, etc.
  • Once the selected elements are customized according to your preference, hit the ‘publish’ button and see your dream website coming to life.

Powerful elements

Elements of a Website Builder

A modern website builder is packed with basic and advanced elements to create a professionally-looking website. You can also add theme elements from a vast library to design the header and footer of your choice. WooCommerce elements are also available to smoothly create an interactive e-commerce store. Kemo SaaS site builder offers a large assortment of elements to create a website like a pro.

Some of the essential elements tabs are listed below:

Text You can add text elements such as headings, subheadings, bullets, and paragraphs to your webpage.
Buttons Choose from pre-designed buttons or design your own buttons for signups, payments, or any call to action.
Progress bar Beautifully designed progress bars can be added for an engaging user experience.
Social media icons Add multiple social icons on your website and connect them to your social channels. You can also add a YouTube subscription button.
Menu Select vertical or horizontal alignment to display menu items for easy navigation.
Search bar Add a search bar at any corner of your website to let the visitors find what they are looking for.
Gallery You can showcase your product or service images on your website in different gallery formats including grid, slider, honeycomb, or freestyle.
Google map Add a Google map of your address to your website to help visitors find your business in the real world.
Form Ask the visitor to submit their contact information through interactive contact forms which can be customized.

Benefits of a website builder

Are you wondering what gives a website builder so much significance in the modern-day digital stratosphere? It’s the convenience and ease of customization that it brings along. Soon after the evolution of website builders, many small businesses opted for them to cut down their expenses and save time.

Let’s analyze how website builders are making web creation a swift experience.

Low maintenance

A website builder is a Low maintenance

A website that is created with a website builder does not require too much maintenance. With no coding involved, you don’t have to seek an expert’s assistance to maintain the website design. The simple drag-and-drop editor is right under your fingers to create a website of your choice by simply picking the pre-designed templates. The website builder manages the updates and resolves errors so you may focus on the core elements of your website.

Less chances of error

A website builder causes less errors

Since there is no coding involved, there are fewer chances of coding and technical errors. A website builder gives you more control over your website design and improves the user experience. Coding is automatically handled by the builder along with the functionality of every element on the web page. If you don’t want your website users to experience a negative impact, you may consider a modern website builder to establish and maintain your business online presence.


A website builder is cost-effective

Hiring the services of a website developer is quite hefty as most of the developers charge on a per-hour basis for their services. Moreover, it costs more to invest in developing a full-fledged e-commerce store or a service website using code. With website builders, affordability is one of the major considerations in creating a website as this is a cost-effective solution to establish a website from scratch. If you are running a small business, picking up a website builder within your budget, will save you a significant amount.

Simple interface

A website builder has a simple interface

No coding knowledge? No need to worry as a website builder comes with a clear-cut, and obvious interface. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can put any element such as text box, image, heading, button, list, form, etc of your need in the specified area and create a stunning website without coding and putting much effort. If you are a technical novice and want to establish a website without going into the nitty-gritty of website development, a website builder can help you build one very quickly.

Customization options

A modern website builder is power-packed with numerous elements that can be customized in various ways. If you want to create a unique brand identity, you may upload a logo, brand your colors, typography, and content which means that your presence on the internet is completely unique.

Final thoughts

A website is your online identity so it should depict the uniqueness that sets it apart from the competitors. A website builder allows you to create a website of your choice by bringing together multiple elements essential for every business niche that you can customize accordingly.

A website builder is a great tool to use to establish a website especially if you don’t know any coding. Kemo SaaS comes with a professional website builder that is packed with numerous features to make website creation an easy-breezy task for everyone. If you are convinced by the use of a web builder, your next step is to sign up for a free trial account on Kemo Saas and make your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a website builder?

A website builder is a tool that creates a website of your choice without requiring any coding knowledge. Usually, it comes with a huge library of pre-built templates that you can select from to develop a website for any business niche. A good website builder comes with various web page elements that are customizable to develop a website right according to your business identity.

What are the types of web builders?

There are offline website builders and online website builders. Offline builders can be downloaded to use anytime while online builders require an internet connection for functioning.

What does a website builder do?

A website builder helps you create a website, especially for small businesses that don’t want to invest in the services of a website developer.

What are the benefits of a site builder?

A website builder saves time, is convenient to use, gives customization accessibility, and is affordable. Creating a website with a website builder is hassle-free and does not require any technical skills. Due to the manageable and understandable interface of a website builder, anyone can create a website within no time.

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