Reputation Management Software - Protect Your Online Reputation

Our reputation management at KEMO SAAS lets you manually or automatically request reviews via email or SMS. You can also view Google My Business and Facebook reviews to see detailed analytics and respond to them. Not only that, US-based businesses can integrate with Yext to view reviews from other sources.

Automate Review Request

Instead of manually sending review requests, you can streamline the process by configuring a Kemo Saas Workflow in the Automation tab. This allows your review requests to be automatically sent whenever a customer receives their order. You can tailor these workflows to meet your specific needs. For instance, if you’re offering Digital Marketing Services and want customers to try out or have a free consultation before requesting a review, you can set the request to be sent after these actions are completed.

Reputation Management Software

Optimizing Your Brand’s Online Reviews

Online reviews can significantly impact a business’s success. Yet, staying on top of monitoring and responding to them can be challenging. Kemo Saas simplifies this process by offering a dedicated platform area for managing Google and Facebook reviews. Users can effortlessly send out review requests and respond to existing reviews. Additionally, the platform provides a quick overview of the business’s overall reputation, helping users identify areas for improvement.

Enhance Your Website with the Review Widget

You can easily showcase recent reviews on your website, sales funnel, or landing page using the review widget. In the Settings tab of the Reputation area, you’ll find customization options for the widget at the bottom. Here, you can adjust colors and write a custom header. A preview feature allows you to see how the widget will appear on various devices.

Why Our Reputation Management

  • With 90% of online buyers reading reviews before purchasing, maintaining a positive review score is crucial.
  • Kemo Saas helps increase positive reviews by sending requests to existing customers.
  • Real-time review notifications allow quick action on negative feedback, potentially adjusting scores.
  • High review quantities pinpoint areas for improvement, like customer service or pricing, enhancing the customer journey.
Reputation Monitoring Software

Streamline sales & marketing

Unleash the power of your customer data with our all-in-one sales & marketing CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

Kemo Saas's reputation management feature enables you to send review requests through email or SMS, either manually or automatically. Additionally, the platform allows you to respond to reviews and access analytics for all reviews received.

You cannot delete negative reviews using Kemo Saas. However, if the review request was originally sent from Kemo Saas, you can flag an inappropriate review for dispute. For reviews not requested through Kemo Saas, you must dispute them directly on Google.

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