Streamline Invoicing & Payments with Our All-in-One Platform

Easily generate, customize, and modify Invoices as well as apply taxes and discounts to Invoices with our advanced Kemo Saas Payment and Invoicing.

Efficient and Customized Invoicing

Generate customized invoices with Kemo Saas. Choose from default templates for messages and emails when sending invoices. Manage your finances effectively with our professional invoicing solution, which categorizes invoices and provides a clear overview of your financial status. Either send an invoice to a customer for a single instance or schedule recurring invoices to be sent to the customer at specified intervals.

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Simplified Documents & Contracts Creation

Effectively oversee and control all vital business documents and contracts. Streamline your processes by creating templates for automated document creation and ensuring consistency. With the new proposal and estimates tool, Kemo Saas simplifies comprehensive business management, allowing you to generate estimates for clients and create detailed proposals with terms and conditions for any project.

Subscription Tracking and Management

This feature provides a detailed view of customers and their associated orders, enabling comprehensive business management. You can easily track the status of subscriptions, whether they are active, expired, canceled, or failed, all conveniently located within the payment section.
From identifying the source and funnel through which subscriptions originated to monitoring overdue or trial subscriptions, this centralized platform simplifies management tasks, allowing for efficient and timely action

Convenient Payment Collection with Links

Invoicing and Billing Software

Kemo Saas offers various methods for receiving payments, providing flexibility for users. One such method is “text to pay,” which allows you to specify a price and item name, copy the link, and send it directly to someone via text or email, etc. enabling convenient payment collection.

Another feature is the ability to create payment links for products or services, enabling recurring payments. You can use this link repeatedly in your text messages, workflows, and emails to continue receiving payments for the specified product or service. Once set up, you can use this link for custom value stages or as a trigger link within Kemo Saas to track clicks.

Moreover, you can embed these payment links directly into SMS or email templates, providing you with numerous options for utilizing this feature effectively.

Transaction Hub for Payment Overview

Kemo Saas features a comprehensive transaction table, consolidating all payments collected from the system into one convenient location. This serves as a one-stop shop for updating and monitoring all your payments, allowing you to easily track their sources and manage them effectively.

Strategic Coupon Management

Manage coupon discounts effectively to boost conversions. Coupons are a great way to attract people to your business, particularly when used on social media or even in email campaigns. They offer a clever strategy for growing and scaling your business’s marketing efforts.With Kemo Saas, you can create coupons based on the events you plan to host within a specific period. Select the date, time, and location for the event, making it easy to implement coupons for promoting your products and services.

Multi-Gateway Payment Acceptance

Accept payments from anywhere: Integrate with popular payment gateways like NMI, Authorize.Net, Stripe, and PayPal to accept all major credit cards and alternative payment methods.


This feature allows you to configure all your products and services. You can either import them from Stripe or create new products, which will then be automatically imported into Stripe through Kemo Saas’s latest integration feature.

Streamline sales & marketing

Unleash the power of your customer data with our all-in-one sales & marketing CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create Invoices with Kemo Saas?

Invoicing plays an important role in any business. It helps you keep track of your expenses and allows you to get paid for the work that you do. Here is the step-by-step guide for you to create Invoice:

Note: Your account should have integrated Stripe as a payment gateway to use this feature:

  1. Go to the Kemo Saas dashboard and select the subaccount you want to bill from.
  2. Select the payment tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Then, select Invoice from the top of the page and click the green + New button.

4. You’ll then be able to edit your invoice to upload your logo, invoice number, issue dates, contact information, and client information.

The Tax setting in the Kemo Saas platform allows you to add, manage, and apply taxes easily. This tool saves time by reducing errors and makes financial operations smooth. If you require to include sales taxes on your Invoice, Kemo Saas offers you  a chance to add them within the settings:

Screenshot (1) From the payment Dashboard select the Tax settings tab.

Screenshot (2) Add Tax button

A notification will appear where you need to enter the following details:

Screenshot (3)

Screenshot (4)

To check the status of your current Invoice, press the Payment Tab and select Invoices.

The columns will show you all the Invoices you created and their current status:

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