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Harness the power of Kemo Saas’s comprehensive email marketing to elevate your business to new heights. With intuitive tools and limitless possibilities, our platform empowers you to create and execute successful email campaigns with ease.

Create Dynamic Email Campaigns:

Email Marketing Software

Customizable Templates

 Craft visually stunning emails effortlessly using our drag-and-drop template builder or choose from a variety of professionally designed templates.

Automated Workflows

Streamline your marketing efforts with automated emails seamlessly integrated into your Kemo Saas workflows and trigger events.

Flexible Sending Options

Tailor your campaigns with batched delivery options, ensuring your messages reach your audience at the optimal time.

Mailgun Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Mailgun account to send up to 10,000 emails per month for free, maximizing your outreach potential.

Building Your Email:

Starting from Scratch

Dive into the creative process with our Blank Template option, allowing you to design your email from the ground up. Our intuitive interface makes customization a breeze.

Premade Templates

Choose from a diverse selection of pre-made templates, easily customizable to align with your brand and style preferences.

Reuse and Import

Effortlessly repurpose existing emails from previous campaigns or import templates from external services like ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp. Our platform supports HTML imports for maximum flexibility.

Features to Empower Your Campaigns


Personalize every aspect of your emails with brand colors, fonts, and styles to create a cohesive brand experience.

Email Marketing Tool

Multimedia Integration

Elevate your emails with videos and images, seamlessly integrated into your templates to capture your audience’s attention.

Email Marketing Automation

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Our user-friendly interface allows you to create layouts in seconds, with intuitive drag-and-drop tools.

Version History

Never fear mistakes with our version history feature, allowing you to restore previous drafts and track changes made by team members.

Testing and Preview

Ensure perfection before sending with our test email feature, allowing you to preview your design across different devices and formats.

Maximize Engagement with Multi-Channel Workflows

Email-Based Workflows

 Design comprehensive campaigns from start to finish, incorporating triggers and events to automate follow-ups and reminders.

Multi-Channel Integration

Combine email with SMS, voicemail, and other channels to create tailored communication strategies that resonate with your audience.

Unlock the Full Potential of Email Marketing with Kemo Saas

With Kemo Saas, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, our platform provides the tools and support you need to succeed. Join us today and revolutionize your email marketing efforts with Kemo Saas.

Streamline sales & marketing

Unleash the power of your customer data with our all-in-one sales & marketing CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kemo Saas's email marketing? Kemo Saas's email marketing is a comprehensive toolset designed to help businesses create, manage, and execute email campaigns with ease.

The key components include customizable templates, flexible sending options, Mailgun integration, automated workflows, and intuitive email-building tools.

Users can create emails from scratch using the Blank Template option, choose from premade templates, reuse existing emails, import templates from external services, or use HTML code to import custom templates.

Kemo Saas offers features such as drag-and-drop simplicity, version history for tracking changes, testing and preview options, and automated workflows to streamline campaign creation and execution.

Kemo Saas offers a user-friendly interface, robust customization options, seamless integration with external services, and comprehensive automation features, making it a top choice for businesses of all sizes.

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